Thursday, May 3, 2012

Our New Home and a little update

Well it has been awhile. I think this time I am going to write down my password! 
The last time I posted was nearly a year ago after I married a wonderful man. I can't believe how quickly the year has gone. I am continuously reminded about how every year from now on will continue to go by faster and faster.
I wanted to post to give an update on all that we have gone through in the last year. 

May 2011- At the end of May Andrew and I took a trip with some friends up to the Black Hills. That was so much fun. We had beautiful weather and we also had rain, and snow. Interesting weekend but tons of fun with friends.

June 2011- I got a job in Omaha. Before I moved I hadn't spent any time looking and after getting settled and putting in a few resume's, our God was ever so faithful. I was hired on at ACI Worldwide as a GL/consolidation accountant. I absolutely love what I do, and I really enjoy the people I with whom I work.

August 2011- We took a trip to FL for a family vacation. Spent time with the Brook side of the family. I am glad I am part of a family who continues to get together often even when the kids are grown.

October 2011- Our neice Quinn was born and we took our Arkalala trip home for the weekend to meet the little lady and for the fun festivities.

November 2011- Andrew and I bought a house. I know what your thinking. 'That was fast!', and it was!!. Not what we were really expecting but we love our home. I could go on and on about it, in fact some times I feel I am spoiled. We had talked about wanting a house and had discussed we would purchase in a year or so, but we didn't make it that far. We found something and fell madly in LOVE. It is an older home built in the late 1960's, 3bedroom and 1 3/4 bath with a beautiful back yard. The owners (there has only been one owner) loved this home and you can tell when you walk inside. We have a lot of work making it our own but we aren't in a hurry. We are just enjoying it while we can! Here are a few pictures I know many of you have been hoping to see.

PS. The large green bushes that you see have since been removed.

                                Got to love the green appliances. Definately adds character!

December 2011  We spent most of the time in the car driving to and from our homes and working.

January-March 2012  During this time Andrew had a job loss scare. KVC Nebraska after a battle with state decided to pull away from their contract with the state. Forcing other agencies in Nebraska to pick up KVC case loads (children in custody). The good thing for KVC was that a majority of the employees were then needed at the other agencies, but this also ment that there wasn't much left for Andrew as he was the HR manager for over 500 employees. God was good and worked through Kansas Corporate office to offer Andrew a newly created (for him) recuiter position. He is still working with KVC out of Omaha.

I have been working non-stop. Year end continued into April 2012 as we purchase a company halfway through Feb 2012.  I am still playing catch up but looking forward to reducing those 70hr+ weeks. I think Andrew (and the dog) is looking forward to seeing me some more as the summer months are getting closer.

This last month we were able to help welcome our new Brookens/Hoffman nephew into the family. Andrews older brother Nathan and his wife Natalie had there first child Austin (AJ). Cute little guy. Looking at these little ones makes me wonder how people can choose not to believe.

Over the next few months we have 3 friends having babies, a trip to Tennesse planned, a trip to branson with family, a few house projects and some good time gardening.   I have started a garden that has some items growing. I coudn't believe it. It is so neat how it all just forms out of a tiny seed. I'll have to keep you all updated on the progress! I can't wait.

Stay tuned for more pictures of the changes in the house and garden updates.